Our Vision

Improving health and well-being of people is the vision of Will Way Wellbeing RD Limited (WWW).  We believe Research and Development is the driver for innovative solutions in health and well-being.


Company & Technology Introduction

Will Way Wellbeing RD Limited (WWW) is a newly founded R&D Company.  It aims to bring healthcare transformation by developing user-centred, evidence-based and technology-driven innovations to improve health and wellbeing of individuals.   Our healthcare transformation involves healthcare solutions using big data, mobile, sensor-based technologies and wearable technologies; and, precision health approach which takes into account an individual’s lifestyle and unique background.

The Research and Development focus of WWW is aged care.  Our current projects are in (1) urinary incontinence (2) frailty (3) depression, (4) emotion and (5) sleep apnoea.  We work with various stakeholders to develop precision medicine through personal healthcare by integrating technology and healthcare knowledge.  Our deliverables are evidence-based tools and solutions for improving health and wellbeing.