Current R&D initiatives:

The Research and Development focus of WWW is aged care. We work with various stakeholders to develop precision medicine through personal healthcare by integrating technology and healthcare knowledge. Our deliverables are evidence-based tools and solutions for improving health and wellbeing.

Urinary incontinence

 Developing comfy pants for man with urine dripping problems due to biological aging.


Developing an objective measure to help health professionals, insurers, and carers to assess an individual’s level of frailty.

Chronic wound dressing

Developing a biodegradable woven dressing for chronic wound.


Developing a smart device to detect an individual’s emotional state and reflect it through digital media to enhance communication and interpersonal relationship.

Athleisure textiles

Developing biodegradable fabrics with good absorbency, fast wicking, and anti-bacterial functions for high-end sportswear and athleisure.


Developing a reusable mask with biodegradable materials to reduce the environmental burden.


Musculoskeletal pain

Developing an e-device to detect muscle enlargement and remind users to take rest.


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